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Congratulations to the 15 Top Health Systems™

2024 Award Winners

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      What is 15 Top Health Systems™?

      The 15 Top Health Systems™ program aligns with existing PINC AI™ solutions, helping cement our reputation as a one-stop shop for performance improvement. This program provides an objective measure of health system performance overall and offers insight into the ability of a system’s hospitals to deliver consistent top performance across the communities they serve, all based on our national health system scorecard. While other ranking programs require a pay-to-play model, ours is strictly based on performance and data. No other ranking program provides as detailed insights, national benchmarks, and trend reports as the 15 Top Health Systems™ program.

      When you see the 15 Top Health Systems™ badge, you can trust you are in the right place-- the best health systems in the U.S.

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      Top Hospitals Sharing Top Secrets

      Join Daniel DeBehnke, MD, MBA as he moderates a panel of PINC AI™ 100 Top Hospital® executives. These executives will share their “Top Secrets” on how they leveraged the 100 Top Hospitals® designation to incentivize team members, bolster their hospital’s reputation and engage employees with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare for all.


      The PINC AI™ platform is a catalyst for innovation that can help unlock a health system’s data to drive operational excellence, as well as consulting and technology tools that enable better community health outcomes.