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Harness Mother-Baby Data, Powered by PINC AI™ Applied Sciences.

Maternal data that follows the pregnancy journey from prenatal to post-partum.

The Future of Advancing Maternal and Infant Health Research

The PINC AI™ Applied Sciences division is leading the way in infant and maternal health. Access one of the most comprehensive databases of birth mother data linked to newborn data, enabling visibility to the mother-child relationship.

Unique Data Connection

Access more than 1 million data points for both mom and baby,* spanning acute and ambulatory settings, labs, vitals, microbiology, radiology, ER visits, products used, diagnoses and procedures.

Breadth of Data

Unlock the most comprehensive insights into the mother-baby relationship with data from more than 450 facilities, including geographic regions and defined ages, over the last 3+ years.

Additional Data Integrations

Gain visibility with the ability to link data to claims and mortality datasets.

Advancing Maternal and Infant Health: One Database Can Illuminate the Entire Pregnancy Journey

If you had a chance to gain visibility into the maternal and infant relationship and generate real-world evidence to support clinical research and medical solution development, how would you use it to impact perinatal health?

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Meet our experts and put our best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant database to work for you.

As your leading research and analytics partner, PINC AI™ Applied Sciences can help your organization improve the overall quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care.