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Applied Research and Analytics

Applied Research and Analytics

Comprised of over 20 years of data with more than 1 billion data points representing 25% of U.S. inpatient discharges and 2.7 billion outpatient encounters from more than 1,300 sites makes the PINC AI™ Healthcare Data (PHD) the industry gold standard. From late stage drug development to post-marketing studies, the HIPAA-compliant database contributes to over 600 peer-reviewed publications spanning multiple therapeutic and quality improvement areas.

At PINC AI™ Applied Sciences, our goal is to deliver robust, real-world data to drive informed decisions you can act on to improve quality, lower costs, reduce risks and help ensure patient safety.



Best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant database that includes patient, hospital and clinical characteristics, costs and charges, COVID-19, general and microbiology laboratory data, SKU-level purchase data, vitals, treatment and diagnoses.


The most comprehensive insights into the patient journey in the hospital setting from over 1,000 geographically diverse U.S. hospitals.


Accurate and rigorous validation procedures geared to help you make more informed decisions.

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We have collaborated with several vendors, and none have matched Seth and the Premier team in terms of their exceptional kindness, helpfulness, organization, and responsiveness. They consistently exceed expectations by ensuring each study is meticulously designed and executed efficiently. Working with Premier truly delivers outstanding value, going above and beyond what is expected. I highly recommend partnering with them if you seek a collaborative, enjoyable, and impressive thought partner.

Michelle Sosa

Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Reimbursement & Market Access


Informed Data. Real-World Evidence.

The PHD provides a unique opportunity to use real-world data to conduct evidence-based and population-based analyses of drugs, devices, treatments, disease states, epidemiology, resource utilization, healthcare economics and clinical outcomes.

Not Just Data. Market Insights.

Leverage our newly added SKU-level purchase data, allowing your organization to understand the market, providing insight into product costs, sales, inventory and utilization at the zip code, state and national level.

Interested in how the PINC AI™ Database supports research?

Check out our publications database, which contains summaries of our research and study efforts utilizing PINC AI™ Healthcare Data available in peer-reviewed publications.

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I know the scrutiny Premier brings to the table with their data, so if Premier is involved, it takes it to another level.

Steve Thomas, MBA, CMRP

Purchasing Manager, Materials Services

Genesis Health

White Papers

COVID-19 Data Special Release

Download this white paper for a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data in this special release on COVID-19.

PINC AI™​ Healthcare Data

An in-depth look at the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data (PHD), utilized by experts across multiple industries for clinical, financial and outcome analyses.

Meet our experts and put our best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant database to work for you.

As your leading research and analytics partner, PINC AI™ Applied Sciences can help your organization improve the overall quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care.