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Applied Sciences


Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research

Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research

Based on data from 146-148 organization by Fierce Healthcare in April 2022, 80 percent of survey respondents say Clinical Trial Research is important to their organization.

As a leader in research, PINC AI™ Applied Sciences executes various study designs that seek to identify and eliminate gaps in evidence-based practices and observational studies to discover and compare current practice. Drawing from our vast expertise, the Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research team aids our life science partners in answering complex research questions.



Summarize available evidence to identify the best methods of treatment or care delivery.


Implement and test evidence-based interventions to align care with evidence and guidelines.


Assists in designing and implementing your research projects, systematic evidence reviews, educational interventions and healthcare implementation studies.

Assessment Support

Assess for change by selecting a therapeutic area, defining the research question and recruiting the sites and personnel. Our team provides recruitment, onboarding and project implementation support.

Evaluation Tools

Test ideas to improve care, build sustainable solutions and use research methodologies to observe change in clinical or behavioral outcomes. Study designs, such as pre- and post-evaluations, aim to help describe changes seen within an intervention.

Educational Resources

Understand educational needs through the creation of a curriculum and materials. Assist care teams with understanding current best practices and intervention opportunities.

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Did you know?:

Our team consists of highly specialized professionals including clinicians, intervention specialists, epidemiologists, health economists and research implementers with backgrounds in quality improvement, population health management, biomedical research and evidence-based medicine, to name a few.

White Papers

COVID-19 Data Special Release

Download this white paper for a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data in this special release on COVID-19.

PINC AI™​ Healthcare Data

An in-depth look at the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data (PHD), utilized by experts across multiple industries for clinical, financial and outcome analyses.

Meet our experts and put our best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant database to work for you.

As your leading research and analytics partner, PINC AI™ Applied Sciences can help your organization improve the overall quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care.