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Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research

Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research

As a leader in research, PINC AI™ Applied Sciences executes various study designs that seek to identify and eliminate gaps in evidence-based practices and observational studies to discover and compare current practice. Drawing from our vast expertise, the Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research team aids our life science partners in answering complex research questions.



Summarize available evidence to identify the best methods of treatment or care delivery.


Implement and test evidence-based interventions to align care with evidence and guidelines.


Assists in designing and implementing your research projects, systematic evidence reviews, educational interventions and healthcare implementation studies.

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We greatly appreciate our partnership with Premier. Due to their proactive, knowledgeable, and responsive team they significantly cut down the time it typically takes for site selection and start-up. They work with us to trouble shoot and get ahead of any potential barriers.

Amy Elliott, MD

Chief Clinical Research Officer, AVERA RESEARCH INSTITUTE

Prospective Observational and Evidence-based Research Services

Rapid/Systematic Evidence Review

Summary of the available peer reviewed and grey literature on the topic of interest. Unit of study is the article, literature, etc. about the topic.

Observational Study

Researchers observe subjects without an intervention. Unit of study is usually practices or clinical outcomes. Can use quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

Clinician Intervention Study

Measure impact of clinician intervention on clinical outcomes as well as clinician knowledge, attitudes, & beliefs; more guideline-adherent care. Unit of study is the clinician, not the patient. Can use quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

Care Coordination Intervention Study

Measure impact of care coordination on clinical and/or patient reported outcomes. Unit of study is usually patient-focused. Can use quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

In vitro study

Compares new laboratory and/or diagnostic technology against previous technology (gold standard). The comparison is not made in conditions where treatment can be impacted. Unit of study is the diagnostic or laboratory test.

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Did you know?:

Our team consists of highly specialized professionals including clinicians, intervention specialists, epidemiologists, health economists and research implementers with backgrounds in quality improvement, population health management, biomedical research and evidence-based medicine, to name a few.

White Papers

COVID-19 Data Special Release

Download this white paper for a detailed description of the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data in this special release on COVID-19.

PINC AI™​ Healthcare Data

An in-depth look at the attributes and capabilities of PINC AI™ Healthcare Data (PHD), utilized by experts across multiple industries for clinical, financial and outcome analyses.

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University Hospitals strongly supports Premier’s proposal for the Phase 4 asthma trial. We are aware of the significant suffering and cost asthma imposes on communities we serve and are committed to supporting Premier in its efforts to document real-world effectiveness. This study should be led by an organization that is committed to the generation of real-world evidence and trusted by communities. Premier has the provider partnerships to engage and coordinate sites, and the experience and capability to collect real-world data and lead this asthma trial. I look forward to working with Premier and the study sponsor on this trial.

Peter Pronovost, MD

Chief Quality & Clinical Transformation Officer

Veale Distinguished Chair in Leadership and Clinical Transformation


Published Research

Improving Clostridioides defficile Infection Treatment and Outcomes Using a Web-based Tool to Support a Care Coordination Intervention


Evaluation of a Clinical Platform to Promote Chronic Disease Management


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As your leading research and analytics partner, PINC AI™ Applied Sciences can help your organization improve the overall quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care.