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Quality Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for Analytics, Benchmarking, Reporting and Compliance.

Better Performance Means Better Care

Quality Enterprise

  • Actionable Analytics and Clinical Benchmarking
    • Measure outcomes, benchmark, and drill into your data. Eliminate unjustified clinical variation. Learn more.
  • Clinician Performance Management
    • Meet Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) Objectives, Track Performance and Mitigate Accreditation Risks. Learn more.
  • Chart Abstracted Measures Reporting
  • Quality Ratings Tracking
    • Manage your performance in major public reporting and value-based payment programs. Learn more.

Quality Reporting Programs

  • End-to-end compliance utilizing electronic clinical quality measurement. Solutions for national hospital and provider programs such as those programs from CMS such as Quality Payment Program (QPP), The Joint Commission, and The American Heart Association. Learn more.


  • QUEST® Quality Improvement Collaborative is one of the most comprehensive improvement programs in the nation. It is imperative to identify and measure quality outcome indicators before, during and after change implementation. Better-performing organizations focus on results, not just measurement.
    • Benchmark against a cohort of national high performers.
    • Share data transparently and collaboratively.
    • Get opportunity analysis and coaching.
    • Apply learnings from top performers.
    • Achieve a ROI by increasing value across payer segments
  • Perinatal Improvement
    • PINC AI™ Women and Infants Program is focused on ensuring mothers and babies are always at the center of care, and support by the latest evidence, best doctors, and the most successful practices. Learn more.

Quality and Efficiency Improvement Services

  • Care Redesign
    • Highly Reliable Care. Address clinical and operational drivers of variation in the care delivery model to maximize both quality outcomes and efficiencies
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
    • Clinical rational translated. Achieve demonstrable improvements in case mix index (CMI), coding accuracy, quality metrics, risk adjustment and physician alignment.
  • Regulatory Services
    • One-stop preparation. Services to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards through the lens of safe, high-quality patient care

Best Practices for OPPE Success with Industry Expertise and Evolving Technology

In this webinar, hear from Premier’s team of experts as they discuss key elements The Joint Commission emphasizes for OPPE, how to satisfy OPPE objectives within a framework of organizational quality improvement and how to establish objective, data-driven processes for each clinical department.

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Four Proven Ways to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Reducing readmissions isn’t easy. That much is clear from the $17 billion Medicare spends annually on avoidable readmissions.

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