Clinician Performance Management
Clinical Intelligence

Clinician Performance Management

A Quality Enterprise capability.

Meet Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) Objectives | Track Performance | Mitigate Accreditation Risks

The Clinician Performance Management Solution by PINC AI™ enables hospitals to monitor, track and identify opportunities for quality improvement, practice variation, cost reduction and satisfy reporting requirements for The Joint Commission (TJC)/Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Simplify OPPE data collection and workflow.

  • Track performance of clinicians and groups.
  • Automated key quality metrics.
  • Unlimited customized organizational and specialty-specific measures.
  • Workflow options (online or paper-based) to support requirements for practitioner evaluations, including scheduled review cycles, inline commenting, electronic sign-off and archive of previous reviews.

Resource utilization and practice variation at the charge code level:

  • Utilization at the attributed clinician/group level.
  • Internal and external peer benchmarks for comparison.
  • Analyze items from all departments to identify variation.
  • Cost per case, quantity per case and percent utilization available.

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