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PINC AI™ Health Equity

Improve the Delivery of Care Provided in Every Community

PINC AI™ is addressing health inequity

Understand the impact of drivers on outcomes to help you deliver better results, lower costs, and provide higher quality patient care.

Premier’s PINC AI™ technology provides a multi-faceted approach to improving health equity. Powering the future of healthcare with PINC AI™ data, technology and services including advocacy, advisory and research capabilities partnering to improve health equity nationwide.

Responding to your priority for enabling health equity, Premier is advancing PINC AI™ technology solutions through partnership with Lexis Nexis. Analytics and advanced insights enable subscribers to harness the power of Premier’s database including 45% of all national discharges with patient level Social Drivers of Health elements. This data empowers strong benchmarking capabilities including a diverse population of community, academic, teaching, rural/urban, and critical access hospitals for performance comparisons.

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A collaborative specific for solving health inequities in communities across the nation.

Premier’s Health Equity Collaborative:

  • Connects people, knowledge, and data to create a more equitable health system to improve communities.
  • Engages in shared learning of best practices for assessment of patients’ social needs and the development of a health equity action plan, while minimizing the burden to existing staff.
  • Improves health equity and reduces disparities by standardizing measurement and collection of Social Driver of Health data.
  • Innovates the future of health equity improvement with patient-specific social needs data and a unique Health Disparities Index to support benchmarking and to guide policy development.

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Our PINC AI™ Applied Sciences team has a profound commitment to advancing health equity. In a world that continually demands innovative solutions to bridge gaps and eliminate disparities, our interdisciplinary experts harness the power of our PINC AI™ Healthcare Database (PHD) to drive positive change. We work to marry this robust data with our research capabilities to address the complex challenges facing health equity.

At the intersection of data and research, we leverage the capabilities of our applied science teams to address the complex challenges facing health equity. We strive to evolve the questions we are asking from the conventional to a health equity perspective to further drive the innovation our solutions provide. Simply shifting a question like “What interventions can address health disparities?” to “What generates health inequity in the first place?” is the first step in driving actionable change.

Download this Roadmap to learn more about PINC AI™ Applied Sciences initiatives to advance health equity including these key takeaways:

  • Advancing health equity requires ending inequities: Only then can all people access opportunities to achieve their health potential.
  • Advancing health equity requires collaborative solutions: These solutions must be rooted in a deeper understanding of the systemic issues and challenges patients face.

Download our latest Roadmap Paper to learn more about PINC AI™ Applied Sciences initiatives to advance health equity by discussing the importance of using real-world data (RWD) that captures social drivers of health (SDoH).

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It will take a different kind of leadership, and action-oriented research, and scholarship to measurably reduce disparities in healthcare and in the outcome of that care.

Dr. David Nash, the Founding Dean of TJU’s College of Population Health

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