Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Margin Improvement

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Cutting-edge, cloud-based technology to help you meet your cost management challenges today, tomorrow and beyond.

Why choose PINC AI™ ERP?

Work with the only ERP that was built with a health system in mind. Our solution helps health systems improve efficiencies and reduce costs by standardizing processes, centralizing services and eliminating waste.

Combining supply chain and finance data and functionality, PINC AI™ ERP delivers quantifiable value to both supply chain and finance users. The integrated database supports streamlined workflows and is agile and scalable to quickly and easily accommodate changes to your organizational structure.

Our ERP solution has been recognized by KLAS Research, a healthcare IT data and insights company, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Guide

Selecting an ERP solution to manage the financial aspects of your health system is a formidable test. Our guide is designed to help you and other stakeholders determine your most important decision-making criteria during the selection process.

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Is now the time for an ERP?

ERP platforms are one of the most significant solutions for health systems to unify. They play a major role in managing the daily operations of a health system and are key to driving efficiency across the enterprise.

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