High-Value Networks
Value-Based Care

High-Value Networks

Manage patients across the continuum of care in order to focus on the total health of their population.

High-Value Networks Features

Almost half of Medicare patients utilize post-acute care following a hospital discharge. The government has been gradually modifying provider reimbursements for the cost and quality of service that occurs beyond the inpatient setting, leaving health systems liable for charges outside of their premises. PINC AI™ can help create a high-value network to improve quality and reduce costs.

CINs serve as the framework for most commercial and government value-based contracts and create a foundation for legal, structural and governance at clinical components of an alternative payment model (APM). Let PINC AI™ help you identify the best structure.

As the market continues to consolidate and flex at an unprecedented rate, organizations need to ensure all parties are protected and new arrangements are equitable. Working with a certified team to deliver a fair market value analysis is essential.

An effective value-based care delivery and payment model requires clinical standardization. Variation is responsible for a significant amount of wasted U.S. healthcare spending. Managing it is key for health systems to achieve results.

Optimizing Value-Based Contracts in the Transition to Risk

Key questions to consider.

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