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Closed Loop CDS Platform

Closed Loop CDS Platform

Effective Clinical Decision Support (CDS) requires ongoing management – from tweaking the logic to get more accurate results to monitoring how providers respond to it. Doing this at scale requires sophisticated tooling.

Mia CDS Authoring

Mia (Medical Intelligence Authoring) is Stanson’s proprietary clinical content management system. It allows clinical CDS content writers to quickly create clinical logic and deploy it to Electronic Medical Records. Mia has extensive terminology management capabilities: support for industry standard terminologies like SNOMED, ICD and RxNorm, support for client custom catalogs and automated mapping between them.

Perhaps the most unique and advanced feature of Mia is its transformation engines. Mia is able to automatically generate rule definitions that deploy CDS content seamlessly to both (1) native EMR CDS rule engines and (2) via the web through Stanson’s Cloud CDS engine, Caden.

Caden Cloud CDS Engine

Caden (Clinical Advice Delivery ENgine) is Stanson’s Cloud CDS Engine. It combines a sophisticated rule runtime, integrated NLP and an interactive app to deliver highly effective CDS at the point of care.

“…Caden gives content creators a new set of tools to build the most effective CDS possible…”

Caden is integrated into key EMRs and can deliver CDS in the workflow, just like embedded content. But being in the cloud allows us to go beyond what’s possible inside the EMR. Whether using non-EMR data, performing complex calculations or inferring additional patient facts through Natural Language Processing, Caden gives content creators a new, robust set of tools to build the most effective CDS possible.

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Where Caden Gets its Data

Unlike native embedded rules engines, Caden is not limited to just structured data stored in EMRs. In fact, a key component of Caden is an integrated Fact Engine which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to infer additional patient facts from free text notes and other data.

This capability allows Caden to provide more accurate guidance without requiring the provider to change their workflow.

Iris CDS Analytics

Iris (Intelligent Reporting and Insights System) is Stanson’s CDS Analytics platform – allowing organizations to optimize their existing environment as well as understand the impact of Stanson-delivered CDS. It was designed to give healthcare organizations a comprehensive understanding of their alerting environment. Iris users can see alert and provider performance, trends and outliers, financial impact and comparative benchmarking against other Stanson clients.

“…Stanson has compiled one of the largest CDS interaction databases in the world,”

To make it all possible, Stanson developed proprietary algorithms to understand what actually happens each time an intervention fires. This covers both Stanson content as well as any other alert in the system including med alerts, homegrown alerts, etc.

Over the years, Stanson has compiled one of the largest CDS interaction databases in the world. We’ve analyzed well over a billion interactions and are processing many millions of interactions on a daily basis. This body of knowledge enables us to get deep insights on how CDS performs in the real world, across geographies, care venues, EMRs and provider types. We continue to leverage this deep expertise to refine our content and tools in order to deliver the most efficient CDS possible.


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