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Next Evolution of HCC Coding Technology is Here – Introducing CodingGuide

Next Evolution of HCC Coding Technology is Here – Introducing CodingGuide

Accurate hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding lies at the heart of effective healthcare management, impacting both patient outcomes and organizational performance. PINC AI™ Stanson's CodingGuide solution enhances HCC coding by offering real-time alerts for providers at the point-of-care while also using next generation technology with revalidation to suggest more accurate HCC codes based on current patient data in the EHR. Designed to reduce administrative burden and ensure accurate reimbursement, CodingGuide optimizes patient care while streamlining processes.


Reading Notes in the EHR

Advanced technology will check patients notes for evidence of MEAT (Monitored, Evaluated, Assessed/Addressed, Treated) and suggests the most appropriate and accurate codes for your patients each year.

Revalidation, Not Recapture

Revalidation simply scrutinizes last year codes against this year's data because clinical conditions change and so should their codes.

Complete Content Coverage

Offers complete coverage of HCC categories including support to help navigate V28 coding changes and enhance risk score accuracy and optimize reimbursement.

Stanson CodingGuide: Care More, Code Less

Download this e-book to learn how Stanson's HCC CodingGuide serves as a dependable partner in this dynamic landscape.

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From Recapture to Revalidation: PINC AI™ Stanson's Approach to HCC Coding

Learn how Stanson is spearheading a groundbreaking move in HCC coding - shifting from traditional recapture methods to real-time revalidation.

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Cracking the HCC Code: Sparrow Health System Shares Coding Journey

Discover Sparrow Health's coding journey to improving risk scores and engaging providers in the EHR workflow.

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Community Health Network has really observed tremendous improvements since implementing CodingGuide. So we've seen higher follow rates, which results in less fatigue for clinicians. We've seen improved accuracy, which leads to better coding outcomes and coding results.

Patrick McGill, M.D., EVP, Chief Transformation Officer
Community Health Network

The Integration of AI and Coding in Healthcare

Hear from Dr. McGill at Community Health Network discuss how the integration of AI and coding in healthcare has impacted their healthcare system and how they are using CodingGuide to help their organization.

Works Seamlessly in Physician Workflow

CodingGulde will surface during the crucial point in the workflow when patient treatment is being determined and the appropriate HCC coding is top of mind.

Integration with CodingCare

CodingGuide allows for an in-workflow engagement at the point of care with providers. A future integration with CodingCare will allow the incorporation of coders and document-encounter documentation.

Elevated CDS Experience

With rapid updates based on new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that are captured in the cloud while also vastly simplifying maintenance, offering fast processing and more clinical logic.

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The biggest hurdle for us has been the provider mindset. So, not just finding the tools, not just finding an implementation strategy that worked for them, but really to continue to shift their mindset to value-based care in a compensation model that frankly is still relatively productivity-based here in our health system.

Deanna Bachman
Manager of Program Development
Sparrow Health


Our clients have found tremendous success in PINC AI™ Stanson's HCC Alerts. Read their stories and more from our proud members.

Methodist Health System Webinar

Methodist Health System Webinar

Hear from Dr. Brian Jones, Chief Medical Officer, Methodist Dallas and Shannon Huggins, Senior Vice President, Methodist Dallas about adopting automated technology to transform their HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment to ensure that patients and members are getting the best care available.

Methodist Health System Customer Story

Methodist Health System Customer Story

Every industry is discussing how their latest automated enabling technology will revolutionize the industry, and the healthcare world is no different. The advancement of automated technology for hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding, risk adjustment and prior authorization can be key drivers in the development of an engaged partnership between the providers, payers and patients.

Sparrow Health Customer Story

Sparrow Health Customer Story

Deanna Bachman, manager of program development for Sparrow Health System Population Health, talks about their journey towards value-based care, particularly in the field of accurate risk capture. She discusses the challenges they faced in engaging providers in this initiative and how Stanson Health helped them overcome these hurdles.

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