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CodingCare: Empowering Providers and Coders in the Workflow 

Expanded HCC Coding Functionality for Ambulatory Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Teams 

Expanded HCC Coding Functionality for Ambulatory Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Teams 

Stanson Health’s tech-enabled CodingCare solution helps expand the current Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding functionality. In addition to engaging providers at the point of care (CodingGuide), CodingCare incorporates coders and documentation improvement specialists into the workflow for pre- and post-encounter documentation. This technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze patients in the electronic health record (EHR) and is designed to find opportunities to proactively help providers deliver and document optimal care in their workflow. 

Stanson’s new workflow and dashboard helps improve coding accuracy by empowering coders, providers and documentation improvement specialists to collaborate in the workflow and capture appropriate codes that help improve Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores. CodingCare is designed to give administrative staff the tools they need to detect missed HCC coding opportunities and quickly make edits to capture the true clinical picture of the patient. 

Curated Alerts to Improve Coding Accuracy and Efficiency 

Identify Opportunities for Quick Edits

Give administrative staff the tools to detect coding opportunities and make quick edits in order to help capture a more accurate clinical picture and improve RAF scores.

Real-time Notifications for Coding Opportunities 

Address coding opportunities in the EHR workflow by alerting relevant clinical staff in real time and help to reduce secondary work for both administrative and clinical staff.

Provider/Coder Collaboration

Empower coders, providers and documentation improvement specialists to collaborate in the workflow and help maximize capture of appropriate codes.

The Big Picture: CDI-Supported Provider Workflows 

Nightly EHR Scans for Coding Opportunities

Scans EHR nightly for coding opportunities including the available patient record and provider notes using AI. 

Display Opportunities in Dashboard for Review

Displays provenance for each opportunity in chart viewer and offers a prioritized review queue. May close incorrect recommendations and/or modify code recommendations.

Present Active Opportunities to Providers 

Assists in addressing code opportunities in a three-phase manner including Story Board/SmartZone, Sign Order and Close Encounter. Provides provenance and suggested documentation.

Display Post-Encounter Statuses in Dashboard 

Allows follow up either via scheduling another visit, or coder query as needed. Used for subsequent opportunity prioritization and drives care management programs using documented HCC conditions. 

CodingCare works seamlessly with CodingGuide

CodingCare works with native EHR solutions to help deliver care and documentation opportunities as actionable clinical decision support (CDS) to providers within their workflow. 

CodingCare Expanded Workflow Helps Providers and Coders Collaborate for Improved HCC Coding Accuracy

CodingCare can help providers and coders work together seamlessly to prioritize HCC coding opportunities, identify opportunities in the EHR in alerts, sign any order and close encounter guidance. Coders can review any missed opportunities and easily and promptly work with providers to capture the appropriate codes for the patient before the claim is submitted.

Dr. Hamed Abbaszadegan

HCC Tech for Providers and Coders

Hear from Dr. Hamed Abbaszadegan, Physician Executive, Stanson Health, about engaging providers at the point of care to get to the right codes faster and how we expand functionality just for coders.

Curated Alerts for Coders

Curated Alerts for Coders

CodingCare can help improve coding accuracy and efficiency with expanded coding functionality for ambulatory clinical documentation improvement (CDI) teams.

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