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AuthAssist for Providers in the EHR

Reduce Provider Burden and Care Delays while Minimizing Review Costs

Reduce Provider Burden and Care Delays while Minimizing Review Costs

Real-time Prior Authorizations Deliver Improved Care, Reduce Costs and Offer Provider Satisfaction

Stanson is revolutionizing how prior authorizations are processed by providing a muti-faceted approach that leverages technology, evidence-based guidelines, and collaboration between providers and payers. AuthAssist can be integrated into your current electronic health record (EHR), offering a payer-agnostic solution that helps streamline the process with real-time decisions at the point of care. Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), we help connect providers and payers with guidelines to determine if an order meets payer requirements for near-instant approval based on information gathered from the EHR.

AuthAssist: Assisting Providers in Real-Time Authorization Approval

Reduce Care Delays

Providers, payers and patients can immediately experience the benefit of an automated, real-time prior authorization approval process.

Automate Clinical Reviews

Eligibility and clinical necessity are both assessed based on payer guidelines, enabling a real-time decision to be delivered at the point of care versus reviews downstream that take time.

Save Time & Expense

This improves the overall experience for everyone, including the patient, and saves both providers and payers the time and expense spent managing the manual prior authorization process.

How AuthAssist Can Help

Reduce Provider Burden

Improve provider engagement with tech that providers can easily understand and prefer over the traditional prior authorization process.

Reduce Provider Dwell Time

Designed to verify medical necessity in less than a minute and avoid peer-to-peer reviews on approvable cases.

Minimize Decision Time

Enable near-immediate decision making with requests that can be approved in less than one day.

Minimize Review Cost

Reduce the number of cases that require human review with provider engagements while lowering downstream review costs.

AuthAssist works seamlessly with ImagingGuide.

ImagingGuide can help with imaging clinical decision support (CDS) in the EHR to guide provider decision making to help reduce clinically inappropriate and potentially harmful orders. It also works collaboratively with our payer tools such as ReviewAssist and ImagingAssure.


How Payers and Providers Can Simplify the Prior Authorization Process with PINC AI™ Stanson Technology

The PINC AI™ Stanson PA solutions use machine learning (ML), and clinician codified and validated PA policies to automate the manual process, which can reduce the wait time from days to less than a minute.

How Long Prior Authorization Timelines Impact Payer CFOs

The harm to patients from long prior authorization wait times is well documented, but patients are not the only ones who would benefit from shortening the time for prior authorizations.

E-book: Automated Electronic Prior Authorization for Patients, Providers and Payers

The on-demand generation can have an instant prior authorization process that rivals the ease of use of their rideshare, food ordering and movie streaming apps that makes their lives more enjoyable and productive.

Use EHR Data to Transform Prior Authorization from ‘Mother May I’ to Real-Time CDS

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve the challenges of PA, and Stanson Health offers a tech enabled service that automate and simplifies PA with our radiology benefit management (RBM) solution for both providers and payers.


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