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Radiology Benefit Management with ImagingAssure

Helping Ensure the Right Care is Delivered Faster

Helping Ensure the Right Care is Delivered Faster

Connecting Payers and Providers to Automate Prior Authorizations

The current prior authorization (PA) process is failing your members with 94 percent reporting care delays, 80 percent of physicians reporting possible treatment abandonment due to PA and 33 percent reporting that PA can lead to a serious adverse event for patient care.1 It’s time for payers and providers to collaborate and leverage Stanson Health’s next generation full-service radiology benefit management (RBM) solution. Let us help manage prior authorizations with artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tech that can determine if the test is medically necessary and appropriate for the patient’s clinical situation. This innovative tech helps control payer costs, delights physicians and removes unnecessary obstacles to delivering evidence-based patient care with the best possible outcomes.

Why ImagingAssure?


Designed to connect payers and providers to automate prior authorizations to ensure the most appropriate imaging tests for members/patients.

Control Costs

Designed to manage image utilization and reduce costs with advanced tech that delivers utilization management (UM) services at a lower cost than the traditional human review.

Faster Turnaround Times

Added benefit of prior authorizations managed primarily within the electronic health records (EHRs) are processed much sooner from order to decision than the legacy RBM model.

Features & Benefits

Starts in the EHR with AuthAssist

Revolutionize prior authorization submissions by adding it in the EHR, including clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care. Minimize the need for provider submissions via phone, fax and portal. Ask us about AuthAssist.

Tracking and Management

Track and manage prior authorizations in one centralized system via the EHR instead of numerous portals.

ReviewAssist Supports Utilization Management Methods

Includes CDS guidance to providers, peer comparison feedback, aggregate level peer-to-peer (P2P) reviews, majority gold-carding and outlier-oriented prior authorizations. Ask us how ReviewAssist can help.

RBM Review Volume

The outdated legacy RBM model is generally built upon costly, time-consuming clinical expert reviews for the majority of cases, including those that are clearly approvable. With ImagingAssure, accredited by Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), it is designed to identify only the most complex cases that may require human review, and our radiologists are here to help guide ordering physicians on selecting the test that provides the best outcome for the patient.


How Payers and Providers Can Simplify the Prior Authorization Process with PINC AI™ Stanson Technology

The PINC AI™ Stanson PA solutions use machine learning (ML), and clinician codified and validated PA policies to automate the manual process, which can reduce the wait time from days to less than a minute.

Use EHR Data to Transform Prior Authorization from ‘Mother May I’ to Real-Time CDS

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve the challenges of PA, and Stanson Health offers a tech enabled service that automate and simplifies PA with our radiology benefit management (RBM) solution for both providers and payers.

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